For use with any Eflare warning beacon.

Eflare Warning Beacon Accessories

Customize your Eflares to suit your needs: Saftey/Traffic Cone Clip - Attaches to any Eflare Beacon to enable vertical positioning of the beacon on most types of cones. Magnetic Clip - Attaches to any Eflare Beacon. Not suitable for moving vehicles. Rubber Base - General purpose mount for all Eflare Beacons. Magnetic Rubber Base - Combined Magnetic Base and Cap. Can be used with any Eflare Beacon. Rated to 80 KPH when securely mounted on vehicle. Aviation Rubber Base - Secure mount for special purposes. Daylight Hood - Attaches to any 500 Series Eflare Beacon. For limiting spread of light beam. Floatation Collar - Fits any 500 series beacon. Provides reliable self-righting buoyancy for marine use. Carry Bags - nylon carry bag for either 2 flares or 4 flares

Price: $3.15
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